Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gee, the Year is almost over

I have managed to keep up with my reading.  Yes, there are days I have missed.  The days have added up to weeks here and there, but this year has been my most consistent year yet.  I really wanted to keep track of it all on the blog, but I just could not keep up with writing about it all.

As the year has been winding down, I started to think about what kind of goal I should take on for next year.  I wondered if I should just go ahead and attempt to read through another version of the One Year Bible.  We studied ancient history last year, and are working through the middle ages this year.  I really liked the idea of reading through the Bible chronologically.

So this year I picked up the NIV version of the One Year Chronological Bible.  I am so anxious to start reading through it!  The readings are arranged in the order the events are to have actually happened. 

I am hoping to start keeping track of my reading here.  I am not sure what that will look like yet. I guess we will see once the New Year begins.

I'd love to hear how the year went for you and if you are going to use another reading program in the New Year.